Friday, May 12, 2006

Centro de Justicia

It is so easy to give up and say that there is no use in trying to make a difference because no one really listens. It is so tempting to just want to be selfish and stop trying and seek to focus on one's own challenges. Resist that urge for if you succumb, you have given up on making tomorrow a better day for someone else who needs it more than you today. It is tough, I know and agree, but it is worthwhile and that is what we know deep inside.

Keep fighting, speak up, tell the truth and admit our mistakes, we don't have any reason for stating that we are perfect, we just have the duty to object when we know there is someone's rights at stake. Keep your chin up, live to fight with greater strength, there is a higher purpose that lies beyond what you can see.

Centro de Justicia


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