Monday, November 20, 2006

home is where the heart is...

There are many who suffer undeservedly and many who thrive without deserving. The ways of the universe are beyond my comprehension. As Socrates once said: " I only know that I know nothing."
My heart goes out to those who suffer and instead of shooting out, shutting down or shouting up, I rather ask that we extend a hand to those who we can help. My prayers do attempt to reach out and they do help me. In this thanksgiving time, I give sincere thanks for all the good and wish from deep inside that we all give a little bit to the less fortunate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a great man you are! If even one out of a hundred felt what you feel the world would be a better place.I am glad to finally meet you !!You have touched my life as I am sure you have touched countless others!!!!

11:10 PM  

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