Friday, December 15, 2006

Good bye 2006

It is interesting to find that in the incredible odyssey of my life, I have always found a spring of hope and a gush of faith that keep my steps firm.
I, like everyone, face and struggle with hopes and fears. But I am sure glad that I have my spring and my gush to push me forward.
Even though I feel exhausted, as usual I feel a need to reflect on this stage of my life. I find that I am filled with bitter sweet feelings for I have seen this before and it is the proximity of departure that comes to mind.
Despite all, I am so happy to say that I love my surroundings more than many of those who are from here, perhaps they just don't know what they have. Who knows what is in store? That is the beauty of life, and for now, I close my eyes and let some thoughts come out:

Good bye 2006,

A year that’s meant much to me;
I’ve been looking forward to this day;
Thinking I could get away;
From the past, and to be free;
Instead I find that inside me,
I wish to hold on, wish to stay.

One year closer, I believed;
But I may be one year farther if I think;
For the experiences that I’ve lived;
They leave swirling in life’s sink.

Appalachia, I have found you;
As a blessing to our needs;
You are so old and I’m so new;
Despite the years in my knees;
With your rivers and your views;
And those mountains my heart sees.

In your people, I have found;
Truth of character, kindness, love;
Promise, I’ll come around;
To fill with you, my whole soul.

Lee Jaen Nic ‘06


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