Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy days I left behind;
and I hope one day return;
like gentle smiles that are kind;
or light warm breezes in the sun.

Of all places, Athens, Georgia;
brings me back to what's so far;
family, loved ones and you so gorgeous;
fragile, sensuous, yet tough and hard.

It's your spirit that provokes me;
to write these thoughts from my heart;
it's your image that, believe me;
make the droplets tear apart.

All illusions is what I fear;
or a mirage in the sand;
for you are nowhere to be near;
all that's real is in your hand.

Must have been the need to feel you;
the dream I could not make true;
the kiss I thought I would give you;
but I could not carry through.

And if you walked back in my life;
or I could burst into yours;
tell me, truth teller, what your sight;
says of my destiny's course.

I do know one thing is true;
and it's that at that point in time;
I will come to you and urge you;
to speak to me with your eyes.

I will reach out and try to hug you;
hoping that you won't turn away;
and if you let me, I will take you;
in my arms for you to stay.

But I want for you the freedom;
that makes love prove that it is true;
no pressures, no castles, no fiefdom;
only prairies, waves, and skies so blue.

And when the rainy days come back;
our unity will shine right through;
we both will know that the lack;
will never again return.

Distance is only a measure;
time is only a point of reference;
of a great moment of pain or pleasure;
that our souls feel in their essence.

Lee Jaen Nic'09


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