Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Lady Justice"

Where are you? I seek thee dearly;
who are you? I hope to meet thee;
why aren't you? no one dares speak it;
a phantom? I don't believe it.

We long for, but it keeps seeking;
others who like to meet it;
it fills us once we are speaking;
and leaves us if we dare see it.

It comes though, when we are dreaming;
and touches inner emotions;
we know it when we are believing;
we feel it in every motion.

A lady, they say you are;
one that is blind but sees us;
one that sees near and far;
who wishes we sought your cause.

Dear Justice, though you are divine;
we wish for you in our laws;
yet drafters only divide;
with interests and other flaws.

Get near us, show us the way;
to hold you with both our hands;
teach us just how to say;
so you may reign in our lands.

Lee Jaen


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