Friday, May 19, 2006


Sensenbrenner will be in charge of the discussions on the part of the house and with allies in the senate like the senator from Louisiana, they are adamant about the classification of the immigration reform as an amnesty which they vehemently oppose.

It seems like they are being financed and encouraged by the anti-immigration groups and that they have lost sight of their purpose in congress, which is to enact laws that reflect the will of the people not of interested groups alone. It is another sign of the power of the lobbying profession and the greed of politicians seeking to retain or obtain better political posts. This of course is only in addition to their prejudiced personal views that fuel their actions.

Seems like a part of the wall is going up, the rest will be debated some more, in the meantime we'll get ready to vote and speak out against these movement to expel, inprison and punish immigrant families who are seeking meager employment and the means to sustain their families and whose only crime is to not have been born with the means to pay for the immigration procedures that are stacked against them.


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