Saturday, May 20, 2006

Centro de Justicia


A man’s family is his greatest treasure,
I know for sure that this is true,
Nothing else could be as precious,
To them my loyalty and gratitude are due.

How many times have I wasted?
Lavishing in worldly goods,
How many things have I tested?
Toys and spirits, wines and foods.

I’ve searched so many streets and places,
Some they said would bring me joy,
Surrounded myself with so many faces,
Yet the emptiness, I could not avoid.

But when I had felt that my pursuit of happiness,
Was only a dream that I could not achieve,
My life was then blessed with a vision of loveliness,
I thought it was truly too much to believe.

Our Dear Lord decided to send me a gift,
A gift that reminded me of where I had come from,
And just how much fortune that I had received
I knew then what made me and where I belonged.

Later on I was facing the worst of my fears,
And pleaded for mercy and prayed for a miracle,
My loved ones then joined me in my river of tears,
Letting out a chorus calling on the mystical.

And then our Messiah with his loving hand,
Reached into the depths of anguish and despair,
Pulled me out so swiftly, for he is so grand,
Allowing divine healing, portentous repair.

Now I realize that my hubris was wrong,
I’ve been meeting only what are mere illusions,
All that I was searching was there all along,
With prayer and faith I found the solutions.
Got back with my family, away from the throng.

Hosanna in the highest to our great creator!
May your blessings rain on our hearts and lives,
Be the one who guides us, be our operator,
Hold us in your arms on our days and nights.


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