Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brick by Brick

This is our time in history. We have only one life and one chance to make a difference, to leave our mark, to make things better.
We are surrounded by horrible events, we face evil and hate in many levels. We don't have to go far, look at the news and the crime reports, we are killing each other. We are losing ourselves in a whirlwind of surrender. Like being flushed in a giant toilet so are our principles, our dreams of a better tomorrow, our hopes, our laughter and better sense of selves.

This isn't new, most generations have faced adversities and some have actually taken real steps to change things. Others have simply focused on their own selfish well being not facing the truth that what happens to others happens to us as well. I urge you to take conscience of those around you, look at the homeless shelters, the hospitals, the rehabilitation centers, the prisons, the elderly homes. Try to pitch in and help even if its only by talking about it and not ignoring the problems. Search within yourself and reach out. Put your name in the side of those who strive to make things better.

Take advantage of every breath and be thankful first of all, and then extend your hand to those who struggle day by day. Be kind, be responsible, be different, be YOU!


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