Thursday, June 08, 2006

loving once again...

I’ve been watching you tonight,
Have been seen you glow so bright,
I’m feeling something so deep inside;
I am loving you… all right.

I see the twinkle all in your eyes;
And feel my heart get warm, feels so very nice;
I know you are near me, I watch you go by;
I think of yesterday, and the big blue sky.

I feel the heartaches going away;
I feel you kiss me, oh! once again;
And think that I thought that I couldn’t stay;
Now I am just loving you, and here we begin.

The smell of your skin, touches my skin;
The sweet embrace from so long ago;
Are here to visit, where have you been?
I missed you dearly, love, do you know?

The kisses, hugs, and sweet jokes make sense;
The playing and touching over again;
Me running with you and breaking the fence;
That held us back and kept us in pain.

So good to have you, darling, I missed you;
I wish you near me and feel you so deeply;
Sweetheart you are special, please let me tell you;
From here and forever with “you,”… I’m so me.

Lee Jaen
Copyright © Lee Jaen


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