Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Grab the bull by its horns"

So much easier said than done!

Life is bigger than a bull; it is probably more like a train. Even though a bull can definitely end it, it is probably more analogous to one of the many challenges we must face in our lives.

One thing that is certain and that is change, if we are fortunate there is a positive twist to those changes. The same concept of the glass half full seems to work. The attitude is such a magnet, if you are in a bad mood, people sense it and treat you accordingly. The same holds true if you are cheerful, people generally want to spend a bit more time around you. But if you are feeling threatened, then be aggressive,the best defense is a good offense.

These are things that we can change (most of the time), so the next time you get out and live, face the bull.... by the horns. Be in charge of the situation presented, be confident, if not,... make sure you have an escape route planned out.


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