Monday, July 17, 2006

"Agreement to disagree"

It is not fair that innocent people on both sides pay the price for the hate and motives of those who use them as shields. If they really want to destroy each other, let them do it face to face and not by attacking the civilians. In the end, the death of many will only deepen the resentment and the pain. The only solution is compromise, form a contract where everyone respects each other's right to live. How many more deaths until they realize that cruelty leads to only more cruelty? We must denounce the violence and not take sides except for the side of those who are suffering while the cruel fight over centuries' old bad blood and misunderstandings. Mothers who mourn their children are the same regardless of nationality or religion, they all suffer. Some have lost that and have raised them as sacrificial lambs for no sense whatsoever.


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