Friday, March 09, 2007

Why should I?

Why should I care and get involved with what is happening to people I don’t even know? After all, I have so many problems of my own that I need to resolve. I don’t see anyone else coming to my rescue when I have difficulties. I have earned everything I have, why spoil it by comparisons? There must be reasons and explanations why they can’t do more with their lives. Usually, they are just not trying hard enough. How many times do others help and nothing gets fixed? Etc, etc, etc…

Well, it turns out that there are individual answers to each one of these questions and comments. The answer lies in the individual and that individual is you! and me! We are all interconnected and if you exist, it is my duty to respect your existence and to acknowledge it. You are created and amongst us for whatever reason but it’s not up to me to pass judgment. It is, however, up to me to touch your existence in a way that seeks to be beneficial to us all as a whole.

Why do we choose careers where we pledge to help others? Where is it that a profession does not carry within a duty and a responsibility to those we profess our skills to? Why do we speak of love and compassion when we talk to our loved ones or to our mirrors? Why do we choose to believe that we have a bigger purpose in our lives? Certainly, I believe that you are a diamond in the rough, I see the beauty within you, and I value your thoughts and your opinions. I believe that you are much more than just coincidence and that your life is precious and valuable regardless of any artificialness of exterior appearances.

The interesting part lies in the fact that I know that you believe what I believe for the most part. I truly respect your right to feel the way you feel. I am sure that you were given the power to reason so that you use it. I am convinced that it takes years of meditation and reflection to forge your own path. The problem is that none of us knows how long that path may be. Make the most of every breath, touch someone with your willingness to acknowledge their true value. God loves you and so do I!