Thursday, July 05, 2007

Re: Illegal Immigration undermines the rule of law

I find it disturbing how divisive this issue is and how distorted information has shaped a confused lot of public opinion towards the far sides of the political spectrum. The fact that one bright mind at a Catholic School of Law differs from the policy of catholic churches providing sanctuary (breaking the law) and promoting better treatment for illegal aliens is a graphic example.

It is one of the central components of Christianity to dedicate one’s life to helping others. Illegal immigrants have no choice when placed in such deplorable positions simply because they are born on the wrong side of a man-made line in the desert. I am sure that the author wouldn’t hesitate in breaching that line if it meant saving the lives of his children and family. The benefits of illegal immigration to this nation are reported in various scholarly articles and admitted to by the highest offices in government. The Federal Treasurer, the White House and many members of congress have conceded the fact that there is a net benefit.

It is a core component for a legal professional to learn, understand, and profess knowledge of the law and its ramifications. If we were to follow the rule of law blindly, most of the progress made in civil rights and most other areas of law would have remained stagnant and oppressive. Immigration law is not a divine mandate that dictates what society must do; it is man-made and it should reflect the needs and wants of society in an orderly and just fashion. It is mandatory that antiquated or inefficient laws be revised and updated periodically to adjust them properly. When the law lags behind because of closed mentalities, it becomes subject to being reviled, opposed, disrespected and violated. If the law is to be respected it must be based on equity.

Immigration Laws are exactly the type of laws that are inherently unfair, impractical and in need of drastic change. It is part of the duties of the legal profession to stand forward and denounce the current state of affairs so that they reflect the needs of the nation and society in general. St. Thomas Aquinas once said that when laws are unjust, that it is up to a few good men to make them right. Immigration Laws are unjust and it is the legal community’s duty to seek to denounce, attack and work to fix them.