Wednesday, July 08, 2009



I have seen the days and agonies go by;
I have waited to make sure we were all right;
But now I close my eyes and feel what passed us by;
And the destruction in my heart rips out my eyes.

Just four years old or so, I had the sense;
Of what my uncles and my friends had so much pride;
It was a gladiator, an entertainer, one who had sight;
Of what we dreamt of, what gave meaning, what made sense.

Climbing the highest ladder, reaching the toughest mountain;
Fighting the toughest battle and seeing the goal come near;
We knew that thirst, scars and bruises made the fountain;
More refreshing, more fulfilling, more sincere.

Now that the heroes have stepped away and left the field;
There is a huge void where I throw question marks to no avail;
There are no answers, there are sad stories that make me feel;
Like crying slowly, crying deeply, like I have failed.

Because I should have said so much to defend the heroes;
I should have stood up and spat upon those who betrayed them;
But I was too full of my own struggles against the zeroes;
To make my number add in their favor and protect them.

Lee Jaen Nic’09