Friday, June 30, 2006


Life is good, enjoy it!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Brick by Brick

This is our time in history. We have only one life and one chance to make a difference, to leave our mark, to make things better.
We are surrounded by horrible events, we face evil and hate in many levels. We don't have to go far, look at the news and the crime reports, we are killing each other. We are losing ourselves in a whirlwind of surrender. Like being flushed in a giant toilet so are our principles, our dreams of a better tomorrow, our hopes, our laughter and better sense of selves.

This isn't new, most generations have faced adversities and some have actually taken real steps to change things. Others have simply focused on their own selfish well being not facing the truth that what happens to others happens to us as well. I urge you to take conscience of those around you, look at the homeless shelters, the hospitals, the rehabilitation centers, the prisons, the elderly homes. Try to pitch in and help even if its only by talking about it and not ignoring the problems. Search within yourself and reach out. Put your name in the side of those who strive to make things better.

Take advantage of every breath and be thankful first of all, and then extend your hand to those who struggle day by day. Be kind, be responsible, be different, be YOU!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Breaking Point

When the walls close in and the valves are shut, slowly but steadily the pressure builds until it reaches the breaking point. Extreme responses may quiet the situation but without real changes those same elements build up again.

The only solution is to find balance. Give the proper channels to search for self-actualization and for the common good simultaneously. Look for middle ground, no one is right all of the time. Pay attention to the points of contention and encourage mediation and agreement.

The only real good deal is the one when both parties walk away knowing that they gave up something but it was necessary and equal to what they gained.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

mind at work

Sometimes our minds spin without any real product after the effort. Or so we think,in reality the mind keeps working even in our sleep, and it captures the events and the perceptions of each day. This all accumulates in the mind until it finds an appropiate (sometimes inappropiate) outlet.

The mind is so amazing, it is something that fascinates itself. The desk may seem like it's not working but it is traveling along wherever you go, working...

The problem is that time waits for no one. We can't afford the luxury of standing idle. We must acquire the knowledge and react accordingly. If you want to make an impact, get off your you know what and do something about it! Turn off that TV, open a book, do some reading, talk to others, share your concerns, take action.

The weeds are relentless, they will find your mind and will fill it with vines and branches and roots that clog it with dirt that is useless. The only way to avoid this is by reaching out of its grip before it is too late and the years pass us by. Dare to reach for your dreams, take a chance, fight for what you believe. Don't let another day go by without making an attempt and repeat it with another, and another, soon you will reach your goal and regret the fact that you didn't start earlier.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

view from above

Ever thought about what you would think if you saw us from above and realized how self-destructive we are?

I'll like to encourage you to do at least one thing for others today: pick up a piece of trash and put in the right place, sweep or clean, recycle something, use a bicycle or walk, water a plant or better yet: plant a tree

leave the world a better place by saying what you feel without concern of being labeled as "enviromentalist," "boring," "whatever."

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The search for what you believe is right has many tolls. We must look into ourselves and determine the power of our convictions. Many act because they are part of a group, a movement, or simply to fulfill what has been designated as "duties."

Look inside and decide if what you are doing is the right thing to do and why. If you are not sure, then ask. Talk to the different sides and find out what their valid points are and what is simply rhetoric. You will be surprised to see how many people are somehow "brainwashed" because they lack the confidence to think for themselves. You will be surprised how many are willing to trade their morals for what they think they might gain. Don't be surprised to see that many in the elderly homes or in the morgues found out it wasn't worth it.

Many feel and know that what they are fighting for is right, but we end up being used and manipulated by those who claim to be in charge. Life is very complicated, "think before you act."

Sunday, June 11, 2006

rolling, rolling, rolling down the river...

Take the time to let go and look around you. Let your spirit flow and float along in deep concentration of the sounds, the smells, the feel of the air, sun, or rain or dark.

Meditate on the beauty of life and the role you play may come into perpective, you are valuable, you are important, you can make a difference but for now, the impact you make is as an observer, a quiet and motionless member of this beautiful world.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

loving once again...

I’ve been watching you tonight,
Have been seen you glow so bright,
I’m feeling something so deep inside;
I am loving you… all right.

I see the twinkle all in your eyes;
And feel my heart get warm, feels so very nice;
I know you are near me, I watch you go by;
I think of yesterday, and the big blue sky.

I feel the heartaches going away;
I feel you kiss me, oh! once again;
And think that I thought that I couldn’t stay;
Now I am just loving you, and here we begin.

The smell of your skin, touches my skin;
The sweet embrace from so long ago;
Are here to visit, where have you been?
I missed you dearly, love, do you know?

The kisses, hugs, and sweet jokes make sense;
The playing and touching over again;
Me running with you and breaking the fence;
That held us back and kept us in pain.

So good to have you, darling, I missed you;
I wish you near me and feel you so deeply;
Sweetheart you are special, please let me tell you;
From here and forever with “you,”… I’m so me.

Lee Jaen
Copyright © Lee Jaen

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Grab the bull by its horns"

So much easier said than done!

Life is bigger than a bull; it is probably more like a train. Even though a bull can definitely end it, it is probably more analogous to one of the many challenges we must face in our lives.

One thing that is certain and that is change, if we are fortunate there is a positive twist to those changes. The same concept of the glass half full seems to work. The attitude is such a magnet, if you are in a bad mood, people sense it and treat you accordingly. The same holds true if you are cheerful, people generally want to spend a bit more time around you. But if you are feeling threatened, then be aggressive,the best defense is a good offense.

These are things that we can change (most of the time), so the next time you get out and live, face the bull.... by the horns. Be in charge of the situation presented, be confident, if not,... make sure you have an escape route planned out.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Cuando vayas"

Cuando vayas a mi pueblo mi amor;
búscame noche o día;
por que ahí yo estaré, corazón;
y te haré toda mía.

No será de mentira, no, no;
no será fantasía;
ya veras que cerquita tu y yo;
crearemos melodía.

Pues debajo de la luna, la pasión;
crecerá como un río;
que se inunda de cariño e ilusión;
como un sueno perdido.

Cuando vayas a mi pueblo mi amor;
ya veras que todavía;
esta la llama encendida por tu olor;
del que por ti vivía.

No te llegues a tardar en llegar;
que te espero mi vida;
y tus labios yo quiero besar;
para siempre querida.

Cuando vayas a mi pueblo mi amor...

Lee Jaen

Friday, June 02, 2006

walking man

Wondering about looking for a perfect fit. Most of us create the image of what we want to be good at and what we are truly good at is usually debatable. The only truth is that you can't win if you don't try. It is so much better to have a little bit of something than a whole lot of nothing, so what do you have? be thankful...
Most in the world have so much less!